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What Is the Average Cost For Microblading? What Price Should You Pay?

You may hear a lot about microblading or witness many people around you with thick and fuller brows due to microblading. Nowadays, every salon and beauty clinic offers this procedure at different price ranges or includes it in different skincare packages to attract customers. From this, you can understand that this procedure is pretty popular. If you also want to improve your eyebrows, then microblading is a good option.

This article will answer all your queries related to microblading, such as what microblading is? What do microblading eyebrows cost, what is microblading pricing or microblading price range, etc.?

Microblading; An Overview

Microblading is a blessing for all beauty conscious folks who have thinner brows and fed up with using DIY methods to grow brows thicker. Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure similar to tattooing. Small cuts are made in the skin’s dermis layer with a small blade, and then pigment is inserted ((hair-like strokes) in these cuts.  

This results in natural-looking thick eyebrows, although it is pigment. The results of microblading last for two to three years depending upon the pigment used and many other factors. You can extend these natural-looking eyebrows by touch up sessions. It usually takes almost one month to heal brows completely. For smooth and painless healing, you have to follow the before and after guidelines. Overall, it is a safe and painless procedure.

How Much Does Microblading Cost On Average?

This is the most searched query after what is microblading. Everyone who is interested in microblading must want to know about the average cost or price range of microblading to know its affordability.

 Microblading price depends upon many factors such as the salon, esthetician, or artist you chose. If your esthetician is well reputed and known as a brand, then it could be expensive. If artists and estheticians have dealt with many clients previously and they are satisfied, then there are fewer chances of poor services. Remember this time; you are paying for estheticians to do the perfect job, not just microblading procedures.

If your selected salon or esthetician uses high-end products and tools, then definitely price is once again high. Some high-quality pigments are more expensive than regular pigments. Similarly, area and location also matter a lot. If several salons are providing this service, then prices will not be high. If your salon is located in a lavish area, then you can expect a high price. Usually, the microblading procedure price range varies from $250 to $1000, depending upon the above-mentioned factors.

What Does the Price Of Microblading Include?

Microblading procedure consists of two visits. The first visit includes meeting with an esthetician, in which you decide the style of your brows and the color of the pigment with the guidance of an esthetician. 

Moreover, you can discuss your fears, concerns, and any issue (if you have any) with your esthetician. Once you are satisfied, then your day of the procedure is decided, and you are provided with a set of instructions. These instructions include some dos or don’ts before the procedure. On appointment day the microblading process is done. Microblading process usually takes two to three hours. Once the procedure is done, then you can go home with instructions of aftercare. Aftercare instruction includes the use of healing balm; Hydrate yourself, and some other dos/don’ts. You can make your brows’ healing process smooth by following all the instructions.

Sometimes there is a follow-up session too, which is supposed to be done after complete healing. If you are dissatisfied with color, shape or pigment is light at some places, then small corrections are made in these touch-up sessions. In short, microblading price includes consultation and procedure both.

What About Touch Up Sessions and Their Pricing

Usually, the initial or first touch-up is included in the price, and it is an important part of the procedure. 

After the first touch up, the rest of the touch-ups are not included in the price and charge separately. Touch-ups are necessary to prolong the treatment life. If you want your microbladed brows to last for an extended period, then be ready to pay some additional charges.

Usually, the touch price varies from 100 dollars to 200 dollars. If there is a longer gap between touch up and your microblading procedure, then the touch price could be high. This is because eyebrows tint fade as time passes; an additional microblading procedure needs to be done at that time to get them back. It is a better idea to consult your esthetician to know the exact gap between touch up sessions. Moreover, try to take your touch up session on time; otherwise, you have to spend more and also gone through a long process.

What Should You Pay for Microblading?

What you should pay for microblading also depends upon the results you want and your budget. You can visit different salons and artists for affordable procedures then choose according to your demand and budget. Sometimes higher prices does not bring the desired results, so paying high is not everything.

Sometimes paying a high price means that the artist is more experienced and well-reputed. Sometimes it is also better to pay a little more because some esthetician is using better tools and pigments for microblading. So it is up to you to know how much you want to spend on this procedure.

The Bottom-Line

Market research is a better idea to know the microblading average cost or price range, so must visit the salons and esthetician near you providing this service. You can search on the internet and ask your friends too for referrals. Moreover, never compromise on the quality of pigment and experienced artists just to save a few dollars; after all, it’s a matter of your face’s beauty.