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Microblading After 5 Years – What Should You Expect?

Microblading is an esthetic process that is gaining popularity day by day due to its semi-permanent results. This procedure is highly recognized to give eyebrows a naturally thick appearance. Every day new artists are entering this esthetic world due to the huge demand for this procedure. If you are a brow artist and want to set up a successful microblading business, then this article helps you to get insight.

To stand out in the crowd of microblading artists, you must-have skill and quality services. For quality services, you must have proper machinery, tools, or a microblading kit. Without proper and high-end tools, you can’t create perfect results.

Here is a list of some necessary tools which can help you to create perfect micro bladed brows.

Must Have Tools for Microblading

Microblading Blades

You can’t perform microblading without having microblading blades/ needles. Your microblading tool kit must have the best microblading blades. These blades are the extension to your hand and help you insert pigment in the skin’s upper layer. Actually, these blades are micro-needles that are arranged in the shape of the blade. Investing in high-end blades will help you in creating desired and symmetric shape of eyebrows.

There are different kinds of microblading blades available for creating different shapes. These blades have different kinds of needles with varied thickness. An artist must know which type of blade goes well for what type of skin, e.g., sharp and thick micro blades are suitable for mature skin while soft blades are suitable for sensitive young skin.


The second essential thing that you must have is pigment. You must have high-quality pigments of a different color. You can’t give eyebrows the perfect color without these pigments. Moreover, you must know which pigment will appear in which color on healing. Red, yellow, black, and brown are the basic and must-have pigments. These pigments can cater to several clients, regardless of their hair color. Moreover, the quality of pigments also matters because high-quality pigments don’t fade early.

In fact, the pigment is the main ingredient of the microblading recipe so invest in high-end pigments. Substandard or low-quality pigments can cause allergies or never come out as per desire. Different companies are selling high-end pigments at a reasonable price, so do proper research regarding ingredients before buying pigments.

Universal Holder

As the name indicates that, it is a holder for holding micro blades. Invest in a top-notch microblading holder to grip the microblading blades; a good quality holder helps you to create the perfect micro-cuts and helps you exert the right pressure on the right place.

Measuring Calipers

 Measuring calipers can help you to take precise measurements of clients’ brows. You can easily measure the brows to create the symmetrical ideal shape as per the client’s demands. These measuring calipers come in a variety of shapes and materials. 

Purchasing good quality measuring calipers is a one-time investment. I never bought low quality measuring calipers as they can have the wrong measuring scale.

Pigment Mixture Machine

A pigment mixture is a machine that can make your job easy. You have to mix different pigments to created desired shade then the machine can mix the pigment with the right consistency. This machine can help you to mix pigment quickly and perfectly.

Sometimes when an artist tries to hand-mix two pigments to create a new color, he/she can’t mix them properly, so this machine is the perfect solution for all pigment mixing issues. Hand mixing requires three minutes to mix pigments, and then the machine can perform this function in a few seconds more perfectly.

Numbing Cream

Numbing cream is another important part of your microblading machine kit. Microblading is an invasive procedure, and some clients can feel discomfort during this process. If you make your client comfortable, then use numbing cream.

Different numbing creams are available in the market at different prices. Lidocaine is the main ingredient of these creams and creates an anesthetic effect. Due to the anesthetic effect clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, you can use barrier film to cover the borrow area. It can increase the absorption of numbing cream and make it more effective.


Gloves should be an important part of the microblading kit. This is an invasive procedure, and you have to maintain hygienic conditions. Gloves are necessary for your safety and as well as client safety too.

Always use good quality disposable gloves and discard them after every use. Never re-use the gloves as it can transfer germs and cause infections. Moreover, try to use latex-free gloves as any client have latex allergies.

Scissors and Tweezers   

 Scissors and tweezers should be part of your microblading kit. Sharp scissors help you cut the brows hair to give them asymmetric shape. Tweezers help you out to pluck one or two hair to create curves.

Microblading machine pen microblading procedure is done manually, but a microblading machine pen can help you to create a more precise look. These pens are useful for those clients who want less/ no invasive procedure. Different cosmetic companies are making these microblading pens at different costs.

Alcohol Pads

 Alcohol pads are greatly useful for an artist to clean the surface before starting the procedure. The use of these pads helps to kill bacteria and reduce the chances of infections.

Moreover, you can use these pads to disinfect any tool during the procedure. You must keep them in your Microblading machine kit.

Quick recap

Microblading is a great skill, so an artist or esthetician must be equipped with all the necessary tools and gear to carry this procedure. It is also important to have a top-notch tool to create perfect microblading brows.

An artist without proper tools neither performs this procedure accurately nor creates perfect looking eyebrows. Moreover, an artist should carry high-quality tools for this invasive procedure.