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Microblading With a Machine? How Does This Work?

Eyebrows play an important role in enhancing face beauty. There are different techniques to beautify these eyebrows, and microblading is one such technique. Microblading is touching new heights of popularity with every passing day due to its natural-looking results. In microblading, hair-like strokes are created through microneedles. 

There are some machines that are also used for microblading purposes. Different artists use different techniques to create microbladed brows. Let’s dive into the depth and explore the difference between microbladed brows through machine and manual. Moreover, which one is the better choice for the client in terms of result and cost?

Manual Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique to look at eyebrows thick, fuller and symmetrical. Suppose anyone who has sparse and asymmetric brows can go for this technique. Different brow artists or estheticians are practicing microblading. Microneedles are used to make micro-cuts, and the pigment is filled in these cuts. After healing, this pigment mimics natural eyebrow hairs and gives you fuller eyebrows.

All procedures are done manually with microneedles. A consultation session with an artist or esthetician is also part of this procedure. In this session, the esthetician or artist decides the shape and color of your brows after discussion with you.

How Do Long Manually Microbladed Brows Last?

The life of microbladed brows is one to three years generally. Moreover, you have to take touch up sessions to extend the life of microbladed brows. Moreover, lifestyle, aftercare, and skin type play a major role in deciding their life.


 Microblading cost varies from artist to artist, and some other factors also affect the price. Some artists charge 100$ to 300$ while some can cost you up to 1000$. An experienced and well-reputed artist will charge high for services. Moreover, if the artist is using high-end products and top-notch tools, then the price will be high. For a better estimation, you can do a market survey.

Microblading With A Machine

 This is also a form of tattooing, and results are also semi-permanent.

 Instead of hand tools, a machine is used to create hair-like strokes. This process also involves incisions. The machine is held more near to eye brow skin, so Machine brows are more stubble. Different artists use a combination of machine and manual work to create different shapes and styles. The machine can make hair-like strokes, powder, combination, or a powder ombre look.

How Do Long Machine Microbladed Brows Last?

Machine bladed brows last more than traditional microblading brows, but their results are also affected by different factors like skin type, aftercare, and lifestyle. You also need to take a touch-up session to extend their life. Timely touch-up sessions help you to sustain their results. If microblading brows last for one year, then machine brows can last for fifteen months but don’t neglect the aftercare.

Cost of Microblading With A Machine

Machineblading is more costly than traditional microblading. An experienced artist can handle the machine well to create a different look, so an experienced artist will cost you high. Machine brows price varies from 500$ to 1200$. If an artist uses a combination of manual microblading and machine, then the cost will probably be high. Moreover, the density of your eyebrows, filling, and symmetry also affect the price.

Microblading With Machine Or Not?

A large number of people who want to go for microblading or machine blading usually get confused. They can’t decide which one is suitable for them. 

  • First of all, you must have an idea of what results in you want; it is your thin brows or asymmetric shape that is bothering you. if you have wide eyebrows and thin hairs 
  • Then you can go for both microblading plus shading. There is a basic difference in technique, whether it is manual microblading or machine. Manual Microblading strokes are done in the front, while the machine creates Powder Ombre in the back.
  • If you want the natural result, then once again, manual microblading is your cup of tea.
  • If you have sparse eyebrows, then you can go for a combination of both techniques.
  • If you have sparse and asymmetric brows, then machine blading can help you.

It is also a good idea to discuss each and everything with your esthetician regarding microblading. Moreover, your skin type can play a major role in the selection of techniques.

Manual microblading is not suitable for oily skin as pigments fade soon. Oily skin people can go for micro shading or ombre brows. On the other hand, dry skin makes you ideal for microblading, whether it is manual or machine.

General Tips

Following are some general tips that can help you to choose the best artist.

  • Always choose a professional artist with experience. An experienced artist may cost you high but will give perfect results.
  • Don’t select any artist randomly. Ask your friends and family for referrals. Moreover, check reviews regarding the artist’s work. If you want to get a real idea, then you must check before and after pictures.
  • Know your skin type to choose procedure according to your skin
  • Must clarify the pricing during the consultation session. Either the first touch-ups session is included in the total cost of the procedure or charge separately. Usually, the first touch up session is part of the procedure.

Final Words

Machine microblading is definitely worth trying due to its long-lasting results and more versatility. Always choose an experienced and well-reputed artist if you want to go for machine blading because not everyone can handle the machine perfectly.

Moreover, don’t forget to do your homework regarding microblading before meeting a microblading artist or esthetician. You must have know-how regarding microblading techniques to ask genuine questions and to know which technique is better for you.