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Microblading vs Microshading: Differences and Similarities

Women are never satisfied with their beauty and always try to reinvent the idea of beauty by undergoing different cosmetic procedures. As you know that Eyebrows play a major role in enhancing face beauty; many women have naturally thick and tempting eyebrows, but there is also a large number of women who have thin and asymmetric brows. 

These beauty conscious women opt for different procedures in order to make their eyebrows perfect. Microblading and micro shading are two popular procedures to give eyebrows their desired look. If you don’t know about these two procedures, then let me tell you in detail.

Microblading and Microshading – An Ultimate Guide 

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is touching new heights of popularity nowadays. Every beauty salon and esthetician is offering microblading at exciting prices to attract more and more customers.  

Microblading is a simple and hassle-free solution to get natural-looking thick brows. Microneedles are used to carve the brows of your desired shape and thickness. Actually, these microneedles help to put pigment into the brow’s skin, thus creating hair-like strokes; that’s why micro bladed brows look so natural.

This procedure is quiet, safe, and almost painless. If your artist is experienced, then you can get the desired results without feeling pain or discomfort. Actually, a numbing cream is applied to the brows, so you don’t feel any pain.

 The selection of a microblading artist or esthetician is a very important part of the microblading procedure because an artist can make or mare your brows. Always go to an experienced and certified artist or esthetician to get the best results.

What Is Microshading?

Micro shading is similar to micro-blading but different in results. You can say that micro shading is the sister technique of microblading, so sometimes both techniques are used in combination.

In this technique, the artist doesn’t make hair-like strokes but uses a different way to fill the brows. Artistes or esthetician use a rotary tool, which is quite different from microblading needles. Rotary tools produce more frequent pinpoint dots and give a soft look to the brows. Now you may understand what the secret behind the influencers and beauty blogger’s attractive brows.

What is Microblading?

Microbalding that we all are aware of is the process that is process of tattooing eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent solution and last for quite a month before fading. In this technique, a pen with a tip type of tool is used. With, the help of that pen hair like strokes created that gives your brows an illusion of more hairs. 

Microbalding is basically more superficial process that is the pigment only introduced to the superficial area of the dermis. While, in the regular tattoo, the deep layers are also involved.

It is not a very painful process, but yes, you do start to feel your eyebrows itchy after a few days along with some scabbing. After 15-20 days, your eyebrows look normal and return to their original color that you opted for.

Microblading Vs. Microshading

  • Both are sister techniques, but the final results are different. Furthermore, every technique is not suitable for everyone.
  • Undoubtedly every day, hundreds of women go for microblading to beautify their eyebrows, but on the other hand, micro shading is also getting popular.
  • Microblading is suitable for people with dry skin. If you want to completely reinvent your brows, then microblading is your cup of tea. You can truly transform your eyebrows look by microblading. If you have very thin or asymmetric brows, then microblading is a lifesaver.
  • Microneedles are used to make micro-cuts in your eyebrows skin, and the pigment is filled in cuts by making hair-like strokes, so that’s why microblade brows give a naturally fuller look. Moreover, the artist uses a numbing cream so that you don’t feel any pain.
  • Final results depend upon many factors like your skin type, the pigment used, and the artist’s experience.
  • Microblading can cost you as cheap as 200 $ or as expensive as 100$. Price variation is also due to the artist’s experience, Quality of product, locality, and many other factors.
  • Microblading eyebrows last for one to three years. You have to take touch up sessions to sustain the look. If there is a long gap between the procedure and touch-ups session, then you may have to undergo some procedure again.

Where does Microshading stand out?

  • Microshading differs in final results as if you have symmetric brows but some empty spots in your eyebrows, then there is no need for microblading; just go for micro shading.
  • The rotary tool helps to create pinpoints in eyebrows to give them a fuller look. In the beginning, eyebrows may look artificial, but later these brows look softer.
  • If you have sensitive skin or oily skin, then Microshading is a good option. Moreover, this procedure also involves micro-incision, so the application of numbing cream before the procedure makes the client comfortable. 
  • There is not any greater difference between the prices of microshading. The price of microshading can vary between 200$ to 900 $. An experienced and certified artist can charge more for their expertise and quality products as compared to a new artist.
  • Results usually last from one to three years, and moreover, it depends upon the way you treat your brows and take touch up sessions. You have to take the first touch-up session after healing, and later you can take a touch up session after one year.

Combination of Microblading And Microshading

 People usually talk about microblading vs. microshading, but nowadays, their combination is equally popular. If you want to have super killer eyebrows, then its combination is a perfect choice. If you have sensitive skin and very thin eyebrows, then a combo of both techniques can bring the desired results. Moreover, don’t forget to do market research before going for this procedure. Choose the best certified and professional artist for this procedure and never compromise quality work over a few dollars.

Final Words

Whether it is microblading or microshading, both techniques can beautify your eyebrows. Micro-blading is all about tiny hair strokes, while micro shading is a dot to dot filling. That’s why the results of both techniques are quite different. 

Microblading feels like you sketch the individual hair with a brow pencil, while micro shading gives the feel that you fill the brows with pomade. Now it is up to you for which technique you go or opt for a combo of both the techniques. If you are not sure about which procedure you want to go, then take your esthetician or brow artist’s help. A clear discussion with the artist regarding your desired shape and present condition of your brows will be fruitful.