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What Is Called the Ghosting Phase with Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique to make eyebrows bushy and naturally fuller. This cosmetic procedure is also well known with different names like 3d brows or brow embroidery. Microblading is one of the popular procedures to make your brows naturally pretty and fuller. This esthetic procedure comes with a lot of excitement and a bit of disappointment too. The ghosting stage is one of such disappointments that is a common part of this procedure. Be patient if you went through microblading and are facing this ghosting stage.

 Let us explain in detail what the ghosting stage is and how to deal with it.

Microblading Procedure and Aftercare

You must admit that microblading is an invasive procedure, so scabbing from a wound is a natural thing. After the procedure, your esthetician will tell you in detail how to do aftercare and avoid scabbing. Keep cleaning your eyebrows with a moist cotton swab (dipped in lukewarm water) and let the liquid no to dry outside of the brow. The first two days require extra care. Some people think that scabbing may help remove patches of newly inserted pigment. Moreover, don’t use over damp cotton swab as it can fade the pigment.

  • After two days, you can start using the healing balm, and moreover, you can Clean your eyebrows with water two times a day. Don’t use balm more than rice size. You can use healing balm for seven to ten days.
  • Swimming, excessive exercise, sweating, and hot sauna baths should be avoided till ten days after the process.
  • Don’t put any makeup or skin irritant near your micro bladed brows.
  • Don’t use any chemical peel or any cream containing glycolic acid during the healing process.
  • Avoid scratching and peeling the eyebrows. It does not matter how much irritation or itching you feel.
  • Don’t use dirty pillowcases or towels. Avoid everything which can cause you infection and allergies.
  • Last but not least, keep hydrated. Hydration improves blood circulation and speeds up the healing process.


Microblading Ghosting Stage

Your new micro bladed eyebrows are open wounds, so the first few days require more care and attention. Initially, your brows can appear darker and sharper as compared to your healed results.

You may get disappointed at first glance but don’t need to be disappointed. This darker appearance of pigment is due to oxidization. This sharp appearance will disappear within few days as the healing process goes on. Some people may feel redness and swelling in the initial days, which will also get better within few days.

Some people feel scabbing and itching during this process, which can last for three to four days. Once this itching stage ends, some people can also feel that their pigment is disappearing. This stage is called the microblading ghosting stage. Many clients feel disappointed or dishearten while facing this situation but let me tell you that this is a temporary stage.

After few days, as the healing process proceeds further, your pigment will re-appear. The ghosting stage will end within few days.

Touch Up Session And Microblading Ghosting

As the healing process complete, your brows will restore the real shade of pigment.

Moreover, it is common when some spots at brows show faded pigment, so you have to take follow-up sessions. So don’t worry if microbladed brows don’t show expected results. Your esthetician will make necessary changes to make your brows final results perfect.

If you are not satisfied with color, shape, or some points at brows that failed to retain pigment, then the artist or esthetician will do it again in a touchup session.

At the time of the procedure, your bro artist or esthetician will inform you regarding the touchup session. The first touchup session should be scheduled immediately after healing. It is usually scheduled after eight weeks after your Initial Microblading sessions.

Actually, the first touch up session is part of the microblading session, and you can’t achieve the desired results without the first touch up session. So if ever you or nay body pass from the ghosting stage, then be patient till healing.

You can ask your esthetician to re-fill pigment or anything else that did not come out as per your desire.

Duration of Ghosting Stage

Usually, the ghosting stage comes after eight or ten days of the process, and you feel that your pigment is disappearing. You feel sheer disappointment or may think that you have wasted money.

Healing is the day by day process and consists of many phases. This ghosting stage is one of its phases, and pigment will restore within three to five days.

Dos and Don’ts During the Microblading Ghosting Phase

  • First of all, don’t panic if you feel that pigment is fading. Take a deep breath and tell yourself to relax. It is part of the healing process.
  • Keep following your aftercare routine regularly, and don’t forget to apply healing balm.
  • Keep Following the dos and don’ts of aftercare to speed up the healing process.
  • Trust your esthetician and wait until the first touchup. If you do not find the results up to your expectations after healing, then you can discuss it with your esthetician in a touchup session.


Final Words

Microblading Ghosting is a temporary phase and normally ends within a few days. There is no need to get tense or stressed. You must keep trust in your esthetician and wait patiently for complete healing.

Accurate results of microblading appear after complete healing. If you find any shortcomings in the procedure or you are not satisfied with the result, then your esthetician can re-store stokes during the touchup session. Moreover, you have to understand that microblading is an invasive procedure, so it comes along with many pros and cons, so keep your expectations realistic.