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Microblading Aftercare Instruction and Healing Process

Thin or line brows are no more in fashion. Nowadays, bushy, thick, natural-looking eyebrows are in trend, and people love to have them. Some people have naturally thick and fuller eyebrows while some have sparse brows due to several reasons like aging, any medical condition or genetics, etc. either you have sparse eyebrows, asymmetric arch, or less -hair brows; there is a hassle-free solution in the form of microblading. Yes, microblading is the easy to go solution for naturally looking thick brows.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that can help you to achieve your desired eyebrows look. Moreover, those who hate plucking their brows can get benefit from this technique. It can also save you from the hassle of every time filing of your brows during makeup. In short microblading can make your life easy.

What Is Microblading – A General Overview

Microblading is a semi permanent technique in which artists use micro needles to mimic natural eyebrows hair. In fact, micro needles are used to make small cuts in the epidermis layer, and these cuts are filled with pigment. The final result of healing is tiny hair-like strokes that create natural-looking thick eyebrows.

Like any other procedure, microblading comes with pros and cons as it is a semi permanent cosmetic procedure. You have to undergo some incisions during the process. It’s healing time before and aftercare also matters a lot—little negligence, whether it’s from the artist or from your side, can bring disastrous results. Moreover, chances of infection and allergies also increase if the procedure is done in unhygienic conditions. You may hear some horror stories related to microblading, too, but overall, it is a safe procedure.

How Long Does Microblading Last For?

We have discussed everything, but the most crucial question of how long microblading lasts still needs to be addressed. There is a lot of misconception related to micro-blading results and their duration, such as many people think that micro bladed brows last forever.

Microblading bros cant last forever as it is a semi-permanent tattooing technique. Its results can stay for a certain time period. According to microblading experts and artists, even the best results of microblading can last for one to three years.

How many touch-up sessions are important to extend microblading results?

Touch-up sessions are equally important as procedure because as time passes, the pigment fades, so you need touch-ups sessions to extend microblading results. You need the first touch up session just right after the healing of your brows. After healing, you can see the visible results of microblading, and at that time, you come to know the real color of pigment.

First touchup right after the healing is necessary. If the pigment is faded, then your brow artist can refill it, or if you are not satisfied with the shape, then the brow artist can reshape it. Actually, some final strokes re- done in touch-up session to give you perfect looking brows. Second touch you may require after one year to fill the faded pigment.

Factors Affecting the Microblading Results

There are various other factors that play a major role in fading microblading results; some are mentioned below.

  • Skin Type

Your skin type plays a major role in fading pigment for microblading results. According to experts, microblading heals sooner with better results on dry to normal skin. Strokes remain fine during the healing process, while oily skin can be problematic for microblading procedure. Pigment fades, or strokes can blur more quickly on oily skin.

 It doesn’t mean that people with oily skin can’t go for microblading, but their expectations regarding results should be realistic. So you don’t neglect the texture and skin type while going for microblading

  • Quality of Pigment

The quality of pigment also matters a lot. High-end quality pigment brings more natural and lasting results as compared to low-quality pigment. Low-quality pigments can cause you adverse reactions or may fade sooner.

  • Aftercare

Aftercare also matters a lot in extending the life of micro bladed brows. Follow the aftercare instructions of the esthetician strictly to extend the micro bladed life. If you don’t follow the aftercare instructions, then pigment can fade soon. To extend the life of procedure must follow the aftercare instructions.

  • Lifestyle

Your lifestyle also plays an important role in fading pigment. If you are involved in activities in which you sweat a lot, or you have to wash your face again and again, then pigment can fade soon. If you apply 

Exfoliants and peeling solutions near your brows, then pigment can also fade soon.

Tips to Extend the Life of Micro Bladed Brows

  • As you know that micro bladed brows have life from one year to three years, But you can do a few things to extend their life.
  • Avoid unnecessary sun exposure, and regular application sunblock can help you a lot in extending microbladed brows’ life.
  • Don’t go for laser treatments near your brows.
  • Don’t apply skincare products containing harsh chemicals.
  • Don’t apply chemical peels near your micro bladed brows.
  • Take your touch up sessions on time. One touch up session you require just after the healing process, and second you may require after one year.

For more insight, you can consult your microblading artist or esthetician.

The Key Takeaways

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique to beautify your brows by giving them a naturally thick look. Its results fade with time, so keep your expectations realistic, but by taking timely touchup sessions, you can extend their life too. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that microblading brows are not permanent, and there are many other factors like your skin type, quality of pigment, lifestyle that can affect their results, so be practical.