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Microblading for blondes, what should you expect? Is it possible?

microblading for blondes

Microblading is extremely popular among all the treatments and procedures to look at brows naturally thick. Estheticians or artists use microneedles to make a small incision in the epidermal layer of brows’ skin and then fill pigment in hair-like strokes. These hair-like strokes give a natural and realistic look to eyebrows, and no one can guess these are micro bladed brows.

Moreover, it is also crucial to know that microblading has different results for different skins and colors. Blond people come with naturally light hairs, so their brows are also natural light. I have seen many blonde people struggling in beautifying or filling their eyebrows with different makeup products. Sometimes it becomes a really hard, time-consuming, and tiresome job. Microblading seems the right solution for blonde eyebrows, but there are still many questions. This article will help you to find answers to all these questions.

Is it possible to microblade blonde eyebrows?

This is the most frequently asked or searched question over the internet. Many people still think that microblading for blondes is not possible or can’t bring the desired results. This is a false notion completely or based on inadequate information. It is possible to microblading the blonde eyebrows to make them visible and tempting.

Microblading for blonds is the same as routine microblading but there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. If you are blond and want to microblading your brows, then have a consultation with an experienced esthetician or artist. An experienced and professional artist can guide you in a better way of selecting shape and pigment. Moreover, you can discuss your desired shape and ask for a recommendation too. 

Professional estheticians also check your skin type, either oily or dry, because microblading results also depend upon the skin type. Once you are satisfied and all your queries are answered, you can go for the procedure. You can also discuss the cost of the procedure and what it includes at the time of consultation. Sometimes touch up sessions are charged separately, so it is better to discuss everything in the consultation session to avoid future inconvenience.

Skin preparation and procedure for light blonde microblading

Your esthetician will give you some instructions, and you have to follow these instructions prior to the procedure, e.g., reduce the caffeine intake, don’t take blood-thinning medicines, and hydrate yourself. Don’t use exfoliants on the skin, especially near eyebrows, and don’t wax hairs from eyebrows; otherwise, you can feel irritation at the time of the procedure.

 The color of pigment and brows shape has been decided earlier (in the consultation meeting). Microblading Procedure is done through small microneedles, but first of all, a numbing cream is applied to your skin. You don’t feel any pain due to the numbing cream. Small cuts are made in the epidermis layer of skin, and the pigment is filled. This procedure can take one to two hours, depending upon the requirements. If brows are thinner and asymmetric, then the procedure will take time. If there is only filling, then produce will complete in a short duration.

Microblading for blonds cost

There is not any specific difference in the cost of microblading for blondes. The price for microblading wavers between 200$ to 1000$ depending upon many factors. If your artist is experienced and certified, then definitely the price will high. The experienced artist usually charges for their expertise and quality products. It is better not to compromise quality work over a few dollars.


Aftercare for microblading blonde eyebrows is the same as for others. There is no special aftercare for blondes. You make your healing process quick and hassle-free; you have to follow the aftercare instruction strictly. Some necessary aftercare instructions are mentioned below.

  • Use alcohol swabs to clean your skin in the early days.
  • Don’t sleep by keeping your face side on the pillow as a pillow can transfer germs to micro-wounds
  • Don’t scab or itch your eyebrows in any condition.
  • Don’t let water, makeup, or any irritant come close to your eyebrows to avoid infections and allegoric reactions.
  • Apply healing balm twice a day on your brows. This healing balm will keep the skin soft and help to heal the skin tissues quickly.
  • Avoid all the activities which involve excessive sweating or exposure to water( swimming and sauna)
  • Avoid traveling in dust or humidity in the early seven days to avoid infections. Moreover, if there are signs of infection such as redness, pus, or swelling, then immediately consult a physician or dermatologist.

Overall it is a safe procedure, and if your esthetician use sterilized tools, then there are fewer chances of infections.

What should you expect?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure, and micro incisions are involved in it. It does not matter. 

How much you’re paying for this procedure results can vary from your expectations too. The final outcome depends upon many factors such as your skin type, the pigment used, and aftercare. Right consultation with an experienced and certified professional will help you to get the desired results. It is also the possibility that you have to take more touch up sessions as pigment fades soon in oily skin. In short, there is an equal chance of human error in this procedure, so be realistic. If there are still some problematic areas in your eyebrows after the procedure, then the artist can correct them in touch up sessions.

Wrapping things up

Microblading for blonde is possible and the same as routine microblading procedure. You can see a visible difference in eyebrows microblading before and after the blonde. You have to consult with an experienced esthetician or artist to decide whether you want to go for it or not. Moreover, if you undergo the procedure, what will be the results or how the pigment will appear on your skin?