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Microblading Gone Wrong; Here Are The Reasons Why It Failed

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure to enhance the eyebrows to look natural. Overall It is a safe procedure, but sometimes it can go wrong. You may hear the many scary stories related to microblading disastrous results circulating on the internet and social media. Naturally, you can only sympathize with the victims of the wrong microblading, but at the same time, you may fear that if it all happens with you?

Don’t be afraid; read this article carefully to know how microblading went wrong, the reasons behind it, and what you should know to avoid it.

Reasons for Microblading Gone Wrong

Following are some common reasons for microblading failure. You must know them to avoid disastrous results. If you have some basic knowledge regarding microblading, then you can avoid it.

Unskilled/ Untrained Artist

 Microblading is an invasive procedure, so it should be done with care in a hygienic environment. Microblading is a great skill, so every brow artist is fully trained to carry out this procedure. If you choose an artist who is not skilled enough then be ready for any results.

An artist must spend on improving his/ her skill as they are going to make money from this procedure. If you are going for microblading, then you must ask your artist for his/ her training, certification, and experience. Unfortunately, certification is not mandatory for microblading; so many artists take the leverage of this loophole. They don’t try to learn it professionally. Sometimes certification is not enough, so artists must have enough experience to do this procedure flawlessly.

Remember one thing, the unskilled artist can ruin your eyebrows, and sometimes you can’t even fix it later. The selection of an esthetician and brow artist matters a lot to get the desired and perfect results.

You Did Not Take the Consultation Session Seriously

There should be a detailed discussion between the artist and client before going for this procedure. 

Complete Microblading session comprises three stages, i.e., consultation, procedure, and touch up session. All stages are important, but in my opinion, consultation and discussion before the procedure are most important. In consultation and discussion sessions, you can discuss everything with your artist.

Moreover, you can ask anything regarding his/her skill or anything which bothers you a lot. It is necessary to be mentally prepared when you go for a consultation. You must have a clear sketch in your mind of what you want and expect from this procedure. You can also show the picture of your desired shape and color.

You Didn’t Ask for Referrals

Not checking the reviews and or not asking for referrals is a recipe for disaster. Whenever you are choosing an artist must ask for referrals from your friends and family It is also important to check reviews regarding artist’s work. Negative and positive both reviews matter a lot. If an artist has negative reviews, they should not go for it.

Moreover, if you randomly select an artist, you must see before and after micro-blading pictures. Before and after pictures will help you get a better idea regarding the artist’s work. To stay on the safer side, one must ask for referrals from friends and family.

You Choose Price Over Quality Work

An experienced and professional artist will charge more for their services. Actually, the artist is charging for his/her expertise and quality work. Sometimes you choose an artist just because of cheap services, and later, these cheap services bring disastrous results. We advise you to choose an experienced artist with a good reputation and don’t try to save a few dollars over quality work. There is only a one percent chance that you get the desired results at a low price. In the esthetic world, cheap services mean either your artist is inexperienced or doesn’t have skill.

An experienced esthetician knows how to exert pressure and how to make micro-cuts to avoid deeper cuts. Un-experienced artists are not doing procedure; actually, they are experimenting on you, so don’t be their experimental frog.

Esthetician or Brow Artist Did Not Draw the Shape

Sometimes it does not matter how well trained and experienced your artist is; he/ she must draw the shape in front of you. Sometimes you are taking shape in another way, and the artist understands it in another direction. Always ask the artist to draw the shape in front of you. If the client is asking for bold brows, then bold comes in various forms, such as bold in terms of shape or bold in terms of color. Maybe a client is asking for bold color, and the artist is taking it as a bold shape, so things must be cleared and shaped must be drawn for better understanding. Similarly color of pigment also matters a lot, so we must discuss the pigment and how it appears after healing. Sometimes pigment looks fine while inserting, but it appears too light or too dark on healing.

Use of Unsterilized Tools and Unhygienic Conditions

Microblading is an invasive procedure as micro-cuts are made in your epidermis layer, so little negligence can bring disastrous results. Use of Unsterilized tools can cause allergies and serious infections after the procedure. Instead of getting the desired results, you have to treat the allergies and infections. It is important that microblading should be done in hygienic conditions with sterilized tools. Sometimes these infections are worse that you have spent more on treatment as compared to micro balding.

Final Words

Microblading is a safe procedure, but sometimes it brings disastrous results due to the reasons mentioned above. To get the best result from this famous cosmetic procedure, you must choose a professional and experienced artist.

Tools must be sterilized, and procedures should be done in hygienic conditions. Moreover, you must have some basic knowledge regarding this procedure so that you can discuss your concerns with an esthetician or artist.