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Microblading After 5 Years – What Should You Expect?

Everyone wants to look pretty, and it is because we all are passionate about our looks. In the modern era, there are so many ways to enhance your beauty. Trends are getting changed every day, but when it comes to facial features, everything that suits your face works well. Because of the latest technologies, we can even improve our facial features, including eyebrows, which play an important role to make our face look prettiest.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have thicker eyebrows because there are many treatments and procedures nowadays like microblading. These procedures not only fulfill your desires but work for a long time to make you feel satisfied.

What is Microblading?

Like other cosmetic treatments, microblading is a technique that makes your eyebrows fuller for a longer period. This tattooing form can leave your eyebrows thick enough without a regular usage of pencil, giving a perfect artificial boost to your eyebrow hairs. It is a professional way to use a semi-permanent tattoo for your eyebrows to give them a look of real hair for years. For a feathery and fuller eyebrow look, micro balding is the right option.

How does It work?

It is not a fun activity; hence, it should be done properly by a skilled professional to avoid any mishaps. The professional will use a tool having needles to make cuts in your skin of the eyebrow area. These cuts will allow pigments to stay inside. The color of the pigment depends on your choices and preferences.

The pigments will be inserted in these cuts to look at hairs. For a well-defined and natural eyebrow look, it is a popular practice in Asia.

Fading of the Pigments

Now comes the fading part. Once you have gone through the procedure, now your time starts. Those artificial fuller eyebrows will fade away with time. Many factors affect the time of fading. For how long microblading results will stay depends on your lifestyle, makeup, skin type, touch up periods, etc.

What Should You Expect After 5 Years of Microblading?

After you have tried microblading, you will also have to worry about fading of these brows. The lasting varies from person to person. There are no exact answers to what you should expect after 5 years as it can be different for every person. Usually, it lasts for 20 to 30 months, but again it depends. Like, all other touch-ups, you will need to get microblading touch-ups, as well. Once you feel the fading thing, visit your professional. 

If you don’t visit your practitioner at the right time, you will have to get the whole procedure done for the second time. The average period is good enough for any skin type. But if your skin is oily, you will lose the pigments faster than others. Hence you will need to get it done in shorter periods. 

It takes about 2 years or more to fade depending on the aftercare. The healing process i.e. the time after your microblading, matters the most. In this period, you need to be careful about the aftercare if you want to let the pigment stay for long.

Many people take quick showers during the healing period, which causes faster fading. So, when we talk about the expectations after 5 years, there will be no marks or micro-blading effects. If you opt for frequent touch-ups, then microblading can last longer. If your pigment and shape are perfect for you, you may need to get the process done after 5 years. But not all the clients are happy with the procedure.

It also happens because of the wrong decisions they make while choosing pigments and shapes. The procedure has no quick fixes if it’s not done the way you want, so make sure to consult professional experts before.

Side effects of Microblading

Microblading is a typical process because it involves sensitive steps like breaking the skin barrier. It is not always perfect, so better to choose pigments correctly. You can even ask for a shape preview to avoid mishaps. It can be a painful plan for some, so better consult your professional before understanding aftercare.

After-care is important because, if you don’t do that properly, you will end up having infections and allergies. There will be minor cuts on your eyebrow along with redness and possibly irritation, too. So, you must clean and dry the area frequently. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid moisture to disturb the healing process, which may take about 15 to 25 days. Even your body sweat will worsen the condition. Due to the moisture, the fading process will also be faster. Flaking and itching are normal in the first few days. You will notice the change in color and texture, as well; so don’t panic and wait for the final results.

If you will get touch-ups after every 2 years, your micro blading results will last for long, even for 5 years. It means you can expect to have the same results even after 5 years, or if you don’t feel satisfied, you will be back to normal again. So, it all depends on you and your choice. If the procedure is done by the expert, you will likely enjoy the look for years with touch ups.

Final Words

Micro-blading is such a helpful option for many cases in which people lose their eyebrow hairs. The procedure helps them gain their self-confidence again with natural and fuller eyebrows. The only thing is to get it done correctly and take good care after the process. Don’t touch them and avoid moisture.

If you don’t like the shape or pigment, let the color fade away to get it done again in a correct way or just leave it on your natural growth. So, whatever the reason is, enjoy thicker and prettier eyebrows with microblading even for about 5 or more years.