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What Are Some Alternatives to Microblading?

Microblading seems the sole solution when you want to get perfect natural looking fuller brows. Some people go for microblading so easily, but some are reluctant due to several reasons. They may hear some horrors or unpleasant stories related to micro balding, so they don’t want to go for it.

Some people like micro bladed brows but are afraid of cuts or complicated aftercare. Some may be afraid of infections or allergies. If you are also one of those who don’t have the courage and patience for microblading, then this article will provide you a complete insight into microblading alternatives. These alternatives are less invasive, and anyone can go for them according to need and desired look.

What Are Some Alternatives to Microblading?

Nowadays, there are several economical alternatives to microblading, which give you fuller brows, and you can avoid this cumbersome cosmetic procedure. This microblading alternative varies from each other, and their results last for quite some time, depending on your lifestyle. Moreover, every alternative has a different cost depending upon different factors.


Microshading is also famous for powder brows. This technique is similar to microblading to some extent, but its results are a bit different, and it is less invasive also. This technique is more focused on creating shade instead of blading the pigment. Small tiny dots are created in the epidermis layer of the brow’s skin, so pigment gives a powdery effect. At first glance, you feel that eyebrows are filled with.

Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, then microshading is your cup of tea. It gives powdery, fuller brows, and some people don’t like their results as pigments appear too dark. Don’t worry; pigment settles down in few days, and your brows look almost natural. Its cost is almost similar to the microblading procedure depending upon the artist’s skill and some other factors. Its results also stay for one to three years depending upon aftercare. You have to take touch up sessions to extend micro shaded brows life. Touch-up sessions are not long, and just problematic areas are fixed to renew the brows pigment or shape. Touches up sessions are short as compared to the procedure.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination Is another very good alternative to microblading, and you can resolve almost all brows related issues by this procedure. Moreover, its results instantly visible. Brow lamination is also a good choice for all those who don’t want to go into any invasive procedure.

If you have thin or unruly eye bros, then brow lamination can help you easily, and you can get smooth, fuller brows almost in one hour.

A lifting cream is applied on eyebrows, which breaks down bonds in each hair. Now the artist can move the hair into a new shape.  Without applying this cream, it is not possible to give the desired shape.

After that, a neutralizing cream is applied after brushing the brow’s hair upwards to reform the bonds into their new shape. Neutralizing cream nulls the effect of lifting cream and regenerates the bonds.

After that, a nourishing cream or oil is also applied to keep the brow’s hair healthy. Browse lamination is suitable for all skin and hair types, so anyone can go for it. If you have fair skin and light color brows, then you have to take some additional tinting treatments to enhance the color of your brows too. Moreover, it’s extremely economical and can cost you 100$ per session. Moreover, brow lamination results can last from one to two months, depending on brow hair’s natural growth cycle, hair type, and aftercare. 

A large number of people like micro lamination just due to its low cost and fine results. Brow Lamination is not for those who like a permanent solution for the coarse or pesky sparse brows. Moreover, you can’t expect any extraordinary results from brow lamination as it tamed unruly hairs or give them a fuller look. Many people like brow lamination because it is economical, and moreover, they can change shape after few months. Microblading is a trendy solution to stay in trend.

Micro Feathering

Micro-blading is most suitable for people with thin and light color brows but if you have fuller brows and want to make them more perfect, then go for Micro feathering. Microfeathring is the big sister of micro-blading. Micro incisions are made in the epidermis with a custom pigment designed to mimic the color of the client’s brow hairs. Micro feathering brows require less aftercare and low maintenance, so perfect for all those who don’t want to go for micro feathering.

Micro feathering results lasts for one to one and half years. If you want to extend the life of micro feathered brows, then you have to take touch up sessions when you feel your brows are not in good shape or pigment is fading. Micro feathering can cost you up to1000$ depending upon many factors. An experienced artist or esthetician will charge more for this procedure as compared to a new artist. Don’t compromise over quality and always choose a brows artist with expertise and skill.

Undoubtedly micro feathering is a non-invasive way to charm your coarse or thin eyebrows into a thick

Final Words

We hope now you have enough knowledge regarding microblading alternatives to get the desired shape and color of eyebrows. Moreover, now you can make a better comparison of which treatment can bring desired results for you. It is also important to understand that every procedure is not for everyone.

Always consult an experienced esthetician or brow artist before going for any cosmetic procedure as they can advise you best according to your need and skin type. Every procedure is not suitable for everyone, so be careful while making a decision. A careless decision can destroy your brows or entire look.