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Ombre Brows Vs. Microblading. Differences and Similarities

The beauty industry has been revolutionized so much that you see new cosmetic procedures or beauty trends over the internet every day. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are playing a major role in updating people regarding these trends. So you might notice that the bushy and fuller eyebrows are in great trend nowadays. If you don’t have naturally thick eyebrows, then don’t worry. 

Nowadays, this is possible by different cosmetic procedures. Microblading and ombre brows are one of these techniques. Microblading is already very popular, but ombre brows are also getting popular nowadays.  You can see many tempting before and after pictures popping to the screen while searching for both the procedures.

Microblading Technique

Microblading is done manually by creating micro-cuts in the dermis layer of skin. Then pigment is filed in these cuts. Hair-like pigment strokes bring natural results, so no one can easily judge either these are natural brows or micro bladed brows. The results last for one to three years of procedure. Touchup sessions can help you to prevent pigment from fading too soon.

Microblading is the best option for all those.

  • If you have dry skin and very thin brows
  • If you have to spend a lot of time filling your brows daily, then microblading is your cup of tea.
  • If you have patchy or asymmetrical brows, then it is good for subtle shape enhancement.

It is also important not to confuse microblading with microshading which are two very different procedures.

Ombre Brows Technique

Ombre brows are also reaching new heights of popularity. The Ombre brow technique is decades-old and has been improved over the years. This technique is similar to the traditional tattooing technique. In this technique, thousands of tiny dost of pigments are inserted in the epidermis layer of skin. The result of this technique is fuller and powdered brows. These are called ombre brows because this brow’s tail is always darker and louder than the head. 

Ombre brows   are for

  • every skin type, especially oily skin
  • if you want less invasive treatment
  • if your brows are symmetrical but thin

Microblading Vs. Ombre Brows

 If you are still confused regarding which procedure to choose for natural-looking brows, then let us make things clearer for you.


Both techniques are quite different. Ombre brows are achieved by using a small machine that makes small, pigmented dots even in and across your brow’s skin. This technique is similar to tattooing.

 While in microblading, a hand tool with micro blades is used to make micro-cuts in the skin. The pigment is filled in these cuts, and on healing, your brows look naturally thick. In short, ombre brow is less invasive as compared to microblading.

Pain and Bleeding

Both the procedures are less painful and safe because numbing cream is used before treating the area. As you know, a small machine is used in ombre brows, and its technique is similar to airbrushing, so you just feel a little bit or uncomfortable. In microblading, you can expect some blood due to micro-cuts but nothing to worry about it. You also don’t feel too much pain in microblading. Some people can experience a little bit of pain that is comparable to the pain while plucking or tweezing.

Healing Time

Healing time for both the process is the same, and that is almost one month. Healing time can vary from person to person and the condition of the brows.

You may get disappointed during the healing process because your brows will appear dark first, and then they will start to scab. Micro bladed brows scabs in patches while ombre brows scab in few big pieces.


Aftercare for micro-blading is a little bit complicated as compared to the ombre brows. Microblading involves incisions and some blood, so you have to be cautious to avoid infections and allergies. It is also important not to touch your brows after both the procedures and to follow the aftercare instructions given by the artist to get the best results.

Cost of Treatment

The cost of both the treatments depends upon many factors such as the popularity of artists, location, and pigment, and tool used. Microblading average cost varies from 200 to 1000 dollars. Moreover, there is some additional cost too for touchup sessions. Ombre brows also start with an average price of $ 400 to 900$. Moreover, whether it is ombre brows or microblading, experienced and professional artists will cost you high.

Final Results and Which Brows Will Last Longer

Both procedures are semi-permanent and have their pros and cons. The results of both microblading and ombre brows are the same, but some people think that micro bladed brows look more natural due to 3d hair-like strokes.

Which brows last longer depends upon many factors such as quality of pigment, aftercare, lifestyle, and touch up sessions. Micro bladed brows and ombre brows both last for one to three years, but you have to take touch up sessions for both. 

Which Procedure Is Suitable for You?

First of all, it depends on your personal choice, but there are some other things too. If you want to change your brows’ complete look, then go for microblading, but if you just want to make them look full and thick, then go for ombre brows. Moreover, skin type also matters as micro balding works well for dry skin people. You are a perfect candidate for ombre brows if you have oily skin.

Wrapping Things Up

Whether you go for microblading or ombre brows must keep the above-mentioned things in mind. Furthermore, eyebrows play an important role in enhancing your face beauty, so it’s not time to save money, so always choose the best procedure according to your brows and skin type.

It is also important to consult and ask for suggestions from an esthetician or artist before deciding the procedure. An experienced professional artist will suggest you best and aware you regarding the risk involved.