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Microblading Pros and Cons. Things You Should Know

 If you have been fed up with DIY methods to grow your brows thicker or always running out of time to fill your thinner brows, then microblading is a blessing for you. Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that gives your brows a naturally thick look.

This procedure is amazingly popular nowadays, as every salon or esthetician is offering micro balding. Suppose you search microblading on the internet, then thousand of pictures will popup (before and after) with amazing results. Undoubtedly microblading is an amazing procedure to correct asymmetrical brows and give a thick look to thin brows. Moreover, no one can guess easily either your brows are micro bladed or naturally thick.

Microblading Pros

Like every cosmetic procedure, microblading also has a bright or dark side. This article will fairly help you to expose the right side of microblading. Let’s start by explaining the pros and cons. 

Painless and Safe

Nowadays, you will see a greater inclination towards micro balding; because it is effective, painless, and semi-permanent. Many people get confused with word blading and consider it either extremely painful or hurting. The truth is that you just feel little irritation and discomfort during the procedure. Moreover, it is a safe procedure, and you don’t need to undergo any complicated surgery.

Natural Look

If you have thin or asymmetrical eyebrows, then you have to use an eye pencil to fill them or shape them. Sometimes these filled eyebrows look so unnatural. You can achieve a natural and desired shape of brows after the micro balding procedure.


Just like microshading, this procedure is semi-permanent in nature, and results last from one to three years. You can extend the results by taking touch up sessions too. The pigment is filled in micro-cuts (hair-like strokes), and these cuts are done in the dermis layer of the skin. After healing, your brows look thick and fuller. Moreover, if you want o change your brows’ recent look, you can easily because it is semi-permanent, not permanent. It will take one year naturally to fade the pigment.

Time Saver and Smudge-Free

If you have to spend a lot of time filling your brows, then after microblading, you can get ready in a few minutes. You can save your time by taking this procedure as your brows will look naturally define and thick. Moreover, your brows will not smudge after sweating or washing your face.

Quick Procedure

Microblading is a quick procedure and is usually done in one session. It usually takes two to three hours to micro lading done. Moreover, you don’t have to take sessions except for one touch up session to check either brow is done properly or not.

Microblading -The Cons

Results of microblading are so tempting that everyone wants to undergo this procedure. But there is another side of the picture that you have to consider.

Complicated Before and Aftercare

 If you decided to go for microblading, then you have to follow complicated before and aftercare instructions. You have to quit many things prior to the procedure, such as caffeine, blood-thinning medicines, fish oil, etc. You can’t use exfoliants on your face. Aftercare also involves many things such as avoid excessive sweating, frequent washing of face, swimming, etc.; you have to be extra cautious regarding hygiene to avoid infections.

Chances of Infections and Allergies

Microblading involves many micro-cuts, so the use of unsterilized tools and unhygienic conditions can cause infections and other skin issues. Sometimes pigment does not suit your skin and cause allergies. You can forget to follow any step from complicated aftercare, which can cause infection.

Permanent Scarring

If untrained or unprofessional is doing microblading, then there are chances of permanent scarring. An inexperienced person doesn’t know-how deep cuts are required or how much pressure have to exert so permanent scarring can occur, or you may ruin your brow permanently. Scabbing is also common but generally do not last for long.

Chances of Error

All artists and estheticians are not equal. There is equal room for error. Sometimes you are unable to get the desired shape or results even after paying a high price. Sometimes pigment does not insert properly from an experienced artist too, so there is room for error.

Additional Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

 Here are some additional things which you must know before going for the microblading procedure

  • You must be well aware of the cost of this procedure to avoid any issues later. To estimate the exact price, you can search over the internet and visit local salons/estheticians. Different salons and esthetician offer this procedure at a different price considering different things. Try to choose a salon and esthetician reputed in microblading, and it should not matter what they are charging for this procedure. It is better to compromise price over quality work.
  • You must know about your esthetician either he/she is experienced or not. Do your esthetician is certified and licensed? There are fewer chances of error by an experienced esthetician, and you can expect better results.
  • Hygiene and sterilization of tools is another important thing that you must consider. You can ask about the hygiene and sterilization of tools from your chosen esthetician. Moreover, you can visit the place where the procedure is going to be done. 
  • Your mental satisfaction is also important, so don’t hesitate to ask questions from your artists and esthetician.
  • The quality of pigment and other products also matters. A quality pigment brings better color and results. The substandard pigment can cause you allergies and fades soon.

The Bottom-Line

It is easy to achieve natural and thick eyebrows through microblading, but there are equal chances of infections and human errors. If you decide to opt for microbalding, then always keep the pros and cons in mind. Moreover, consult with an experienced artist or certified esthetician to get better results.