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Microblading For Men’s Eyebrows. Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their appearance, whether they are women or men. Eyebrows play an important role in appearance, and there are many cosmetic procedures to beautify the eyebrows. Microblading is one such cosmetic procedure that is equally famous among men and women. Yes. You heard right; men also go for this procedure to make their brows naturally fuller. 

In the past, some prejudice was that men can’t go for esthetic procedures, but now the scenario has been changed totally. Nowadays, more men opt for this procedure to look nice, and it is absolutely suitable for men’s eyebrows. You can observe that from celebrities to common men, everyone is attracted towards microblading to tame their brows.

Microblading For Men’s Eyebrows

Time and trends have changed drastically. Now esthetic procedures are no more gender-biased, and microblading is one of these procedures.

Microblading is the semi-permanent procedure to give spars and unruly brows a naturally fuller look. Micro incisions are made in your upper layer of skin through microneedles, and then pigment is filed in these cuts through hair-like strokes. On healing, these hair-like strokes give your brows a fuller look. Why are more men opting for this procedure? It is no more secret now, and the simple answer is below.

Men Can Enhance Their Appearance

Eyebrows are not gender-specific, and nowadays, men are really concerned about their appearance and look. Some men have thin eyebrows or damaged hair follicles then microblading can give the desired results. Sometimes due to age or over, plucking also causes damage to eyebrows hair then a microblading procedure can be the exclusive solution. 

It is a fact that after a certain age, male eyebrows become sparse and or unruly, so give them a decent look they opt for microblading. Although there are many other alternatives, microblading is famous among men due to its natural results.

Is There Any Difference in Procedure for Men or Women?

Not specifically, there is not any specific difference in procedure for men or women. The basic procedure is the same for both men and women, but estheticians have to draw men’s brow manually. Men browse less curvy and usually wild, so artist’s artists or estheticians prefer to draw them manually to shape them. Women brows have curves and usually in proper shape, so it is easy for the esthetician to give them shape as compared to men. 

In consultation meetings with an esthetician or brow, artists discuss every detail with their client from pros to cons. Moreover, the desired shape and pigments color is also decided in this meeting with the consent of the client. The incision process, pigment insertion before and aftercare, is the same for both men and women.

Men sweat a lot, so they have to be extra cautious during the healing process and not indulge in activities that can cause more sweating. Sweating can fade the pigment or can cause infections too. Moreover, for more detailed guidelines, they should consult their esthetician. Estheticians can guide them better according to their condition.

How Long Does Microblading Last for Men?

This is the most searched or asked question; How long does microblading last for men. Men microblading results last for one to three years depending upon several factors such as aftercare, quality of pigment, or routine. Moreover, lifestyle also affects the life of micro bladed eyebrows in men. Extreme sun exposure or any other skin treatment can also fade the color of the brow.

Pigment usually starts to fade after one or less than one year, so men have to take touch up sessions to renew their brows. Touches up sessions are the most important thing in the microblading procedure. The first touch up session is usually taken after the eight weeks of the process to make corrections or necessary amendments. Second touch up is required almost after one year to insert the pigment again. Moreover, men can take touch-up sessions any time when they feel that pigment is fading or brows are getting de-shaped.

Are There Any Specific Salons for Men’s Microblading?

You can search various brows artists or estheticians who are exclusively providing microblading services for men. Many salons are providing this service exclusively for men as microblading is getting famous among men also. You can clearly observe that now men are more inclined towards this procedure as compared to women due to its semi-permanent nature and results. So many new artists and estheticians are also enthusiastic about providing these esthetic procedures exclusively for men.

Cost of Microblading For Men’s Hair

Microblading can cost from 300$ to 1000$ depending upon your requirements. Many other things like artist experience, pigment tools, etc., also affect the price. An experienced artist will charge more for services and products he is using. Men’s brows are more thick and bushy, so it can cost a little higher than women microblade brows.

To get the exact estimation, you have to visit the different artists and men’s brow’s studios. One more thing, keep in mind while selecting a brow artist, he should have enough experience in microblading men’s brow because it is a matter of your look. Sometimes cheaper services don’t bring expected results or sometimes turn into disastrous outcomes.

Bottom Line

If you are a guy who is stressed due to his unruly or sparse brows, then microblading is your cup of tea. Don’t hesitate and just go for it. Suppose you have reservations and doubts regarding this procedure then consult an experienced artist or professional esthetician to make up your mind. Moreover, it’s an equally safe procedure for men and an easy way to tame your brows as per need and desire.